Working Together: Google Releases Intel Compatible Chrome Update


After recent reports of compatibility issues Google has announced it has optimised its Chrome browser for use on devices featuring Intel processors.

Posting on its googlechromereleases blogspot, the search giant confirmed a new version of the browser is now available and  ready to run on the X86 processor, claiming users can “experience the speed, security, and simplicity of Chrome”.

Compatibility has emerged as an issue for Intel-toting devices due to apps being designed for other processors, well, not really working, with the Motorola RAZR i the latest to experience the problem. Despite its rapid speed and power, sources have claimed that up to 10% of the apps in Google Play’s catalogue would not run on the new handset.

Even so, a bunch of webby experts took 150 of the store’s finest products and tested them on an Intel-powered device finding that, whilst some indeed did not work, there were alternative apps available in most instances.

Such problems will likely be swiftly rectified by developers in the near future as Intel chips look to establish a foothold in the market, so we will no doubt see software clashes ironed out soon.