Windows 9 coming in 2015?

Windows 9

What is ‘Threshold’?

Rumours suggest that software giant Microsoft will be announcing an OS update under the codename ‘Threshold’, to launch in April 2015. It’s thought the update will eventually be unveiled as Windows 9.

Paul Thurrott, Windows enthusiast and renowned blogger, has said that the American company will confirm the news at its BUILD developer conference in April.

The tiled format which arrived with Windows 8 remained intact when Windows 8.1 arrived at the back end of last year. The new look was implemented over the whole product range, however a large volume of users who chose to operate with a traditional mouse and keyboard found the new layout difficult to use.

What to expect

We don’t know an awful lot of specifics on Windows 9 at the moment, but blog sites are speculating that Microsoft is keen to create some room between Windows 8 and future incarnations of their operating system.

Some rumours hint that the new update will see the return of the Start button and improved gesture control for those using mobile devices such a phones and tablets.