Wanelo: App Review

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Ever been skimming through Pinterest and thought to yourself, not only do I like those Alexander McQueen two-tone leather Oxford brogues, but I’d like to own a pair? Well now you can do exactly that with relative ease, thanks to Wanelo.


What does it do?

Wanelo (a combination of want, need and love), is a collection of all your favourite designer goods in one place, all available for purchase. Founded in October 2010, the San Francisco-based company has created the gateway to an online marketplace, with the collections you might otherwise have struggled to find.

Founder and CEO Deena Varshavskaya, says: “Users go to Pinterest to find inspiration for a collection. They go to Wanelo to shop”.

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What we liked

The app is straight forward and invites you to sign up using your Facebook login details. Once inside, you’ll be met with endless lines of designer attire that would make Gok Wan weak at the knees.

Wanelo isn’t just for the prosperous and well off, however. Normal high street retailers like Urban Outfitters and the Arcadia group have an onsite presence, too.

The discovery tools are great for finding new vendors, or stumbling across a line you weren’t aware of. Also, if you’re on the other side of the till and wanted to establish a new customer base, you’re able to post your own stories with relative ease.

Sharing your wardrobe choice is as much entwined to the app as the threads, and in the same way you can construct boards on Pinterest, you can save items to lists for later review.

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What could be better?

Although there is some affordable gear on Wanelo, there’s also a lot of very premium-priced finery.  Don’t you hate it when people say, ‘if there’s no tag, you probably can’t afford it’? Well, Wanelo has removed the pretentious store assistant from the equation and now welcomes you to blatantly stare, open mouthed, at the unabashed prices.

One aspect that we couldn’t address was a currency conversion. As the Wanelo team is based across the pond everything is in US dollars, which isn’t much help to the rest of us.


Thriftiness aside, this is a great app for buyers or those that pride themselves on their ability to pull off the latest fashion before it’s on the rails. As a discovery tool it’s ready to lend a hand whenever retail therapy rears its head and it might be the answer to those Jimmy Choo Chelsea boots you’ve been searching for, for so long.