The Tech Files: Dan Nixon

The Tech Files

As news-hungry mobile users turn to the web for all the latest goings-on from around the world, its easy to see why online content is becoming a key area for big name brands wanting to be the first with stories that get everyone talking.

The Phones 4u blog is one of thousands of hubs for tech-savvy readers wanting the most up-to-date information about new handsets and upcoming technology. But, here at Phones 4u HQ there’s a team of writers working their fingers to the bone to bring you the most unique content.

Heading up the hard-working crew is Dan Nixon, who helps keep things ticking over and ensures treats are on hand if the workload ever gets too much.

Dan’s Tech Profile

Name: Dan Nixon, 31Dan Nixon

Job Title: Editorial Content Manager

Qualifications: Film and Media Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University

Job spec: Looks after the Phones 4u News & Community site. Dan and the team also write product descriptions, marketing copy and are currently working on a new customer magazine.

Top tips: Get writing! Set up a blog and write regularly on a subject you are passionate about. It will sharpen your skills and look great to prospective employers.

Everyday essentials: Headphones, smartphone and a smart pair of shoes

We stole a very rare spare five minutes with Dan to discover how a creative mind can be the key to a successful career in content.

When did you first get into writing?

“I have written creatively for about as long as I can remember, but my first real exposure was as a staff writer on a local newspaper. From there I set up a music fanzine, which morphed over time into a blog. I then worked as a music promoter which meant writing lots of marketing copy for artists and events.”

What do you enjoy most about your job at Phones 4u?

“I love that I get paid to be creative and it is great to be working for such a forward-thinking and exciting brand. Most of all though I love working with my awesome team.”

Aside from Phone 4u, what’s your favourite blog?

“Well, I am a bit of a music obsessive and love reading about new bands, so visit A New Band A Day regularly. It’s amazingly written and Joe Sparrow knows his subject matter as well as any writer in his field.”

What inspires you to make the Phones 4u blog stand out from the thousands of other online tech sites?

“I think other great blogs such as Virgin Atlantic and Urban Outfitters push us to create the best possible editorial we can. It’s really inspiring to see that traditional magazine titles are not the only gatekeepers to amazing copy in the online space.”

Aside from writing, what else does your job entail?

“Lots of meetings. Working with so many different departments can sometimes be a balancing act, but that is all part of the fun.”

You write about smartphones every day, what’s your favourite handset so far this year?

“It has to be the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It is big, brash and very over the top. All reasons to love it as far as I am concerned.”

You started off as an online content writer, what’s it like to have risen through the ranks at Phones 4u?

“It’s really nice to be working for a company that has faith in you and allows you to grow creatively while still paying you a wage.”

#projectupgrade is the current social media camapaign, if you could send a request in what would it be?

“More doughnuts. Always more doughnuts.”

What mobile technology do you hope to see in 2014?

“I think the tech world is really getting switched on to convenience and an ecosystem that is intuitive rather than just crammed full of fashionable fluff. With that in mind I am really looking forward to what Android KitKat will offer, as well as the rise of 4k displays.”

For all the latest goings-on from the tech world make sure you regularly check in to the Phones 4u blog, where you’ll be able to see what gadgets Dan and the other content writers are getting giddy about.