Team Stream: App Review

Team Stream Featured

Believe it or not, but summer is nearly over – regular winter sport has already crept back onto our screens and the cricket is into its final stages. So, if you’re looking for a sporting companion this season, then Team Stream could be it.

Stay up-to-date with all your teams with this smart little app, and monitor the misery and inevitable disappointment in one place (we’re optimistic, can you tell?)

Team Stream App Review

What does it do?

Team Stream is similar to a lot of other score apps but has a helpful twist. Users can check their team’s latest news and updates with a few taps, but can also save them to a homescreen. From here the feed will automatically update and give you the lowdown without having to search for it, which is nice.

You can add as many teams as you want, and there are even features and columns to keep you entertained as well.

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What we liked

The key to Team Stream is its simplicity. If you’re someone who regularly trawls the internet for sports news and scores then having it in one place makes the world of difference. Tap on your team’s icon and you get a collated stream of every article mentioning them, cutting out your hours of labour. This also turns into a score centre on match days, so no missing out if you’re away from a TV.

With it being created by Bleacher Report, a respected US sports site, there are plenty of overseas sports as well. If you’re an NFL enthusiast you can add your team in a second, and even get involved with your favourite sailing, NASCAR or college basketball side. It’s detailed, that’s for sure.

It’s also free, which we love, and available for BlackBerry 10, a happy bonus for an OS that at times struggles for app content.

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What could be better

Team Stream can sometimes get a bit buggy. Freezes can occur when scrolling through an article and it may take a few taps on an icon before you get where you want. This isn’t a constant, more like an intermittent issue, but it gets a bit annoying when you can’t get to where you want. This is something a simple update can fix, though, so we imagine it’ll be back to plain sailing soon enough.


For sports fans Team Stream is the obvious choice. If you can’t spend a second without knowing how your side is doing, then this little fella will be your perfect companion.