Take Five: Our Digital Distractions

Digital Distractions

The weekend is almost in sight and we’re getting tingles of that Friday feeling, so we thought we’d celebrate the imminent arrival of two days of freedom with Take Five.

This week’s collection of digital-based distractions has sent morale soaring here at Phone 4u HQ, and now we want to help turn your frown upside down. So push that pile of paperwork to the side and indulge in some of the best internet-based goodies we’ve plated up for you this week. Enjoy!

So long, farewell…

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, was filmed blubbing like a baby during an emotional goodbye speech, after announcing he will soon retire form the company.  It’s not very often you see a grown man cry or admit that Dirty Dancing is one of his favourite films, but Mr Ballmer let his emotions run wild and said his goodbyes to the film’s finale soundtrack “The time of my life”. You need to see it to believe it.

Moggy madness


Cats are clever animals, but this one has outsmarted us all at Phones 4u HQ. If you enjoy a challenge and are looking for a way to get through the afternoon then Encircle The Cat is on hand. The concept is simple, click the circles to try and stop the moggy from escaping. Be warned, it’s highly addictive.

Groovy Grandma

Old age creeps up on us all at some point, but this lady is proving that a few wrinkles doesn’t have to stop you from being young at heart. We’re not exactly sure how old she is, but she certainly knows how to move. Working the dance floor with a series of hip wiggles and thrusts, she puts Miley Cyrus’ twerrking to shame. Click here to see the full version, if you think you can handle it…


If you’re looking for new ways to brighten up your breakfast, get some eggs, a slingshot and a slow-motion camera and you’ll be rustling up scrambled eggs everyday. The folks at BehindSlowMotion captured this beautiful breakfast carnage, and you know what? It’s truly mesmerising. In fact, you could say it’s egg-celent!


It’s fair to say that the world has gone hashtag crazy, and American funny-man Jimmy Fallon has teamed up with Justin Timberlake for his latest sketch to show us exactly how #hashtags #are #taking #over #our #lives. It’ll make you laugh out loud, so we suggest you wait until your boss isn’t around before pressing play.