Nokia’s Stephen Elop Lobs iPhone Away On Finnish TV

Stephen Elop Phone Lob

CEO refused to answer questions on flagship elect Lumia 928

It seems Stephen Elop has developed a novel way of coping with the threat posed by Apple and its iPhone; simply throw the handsets away.

The Nokia CEO was appearing on a Finnish TV channel when his interviewer presented his iPhone, claiming he was waiting for a device worthy of replacing it. Elop’s response was to “offer his help” and promptly launch the device across the room.

Despite a rather large thud sound, the fate of the iPhone remains unknown, although Elop later offered to replace it with a Nokia device.

Other interview highlights included the Nokia head honcho refusing to answer questions about the Lumia 928, the heavily rumoured flagship elect for the Finnish company. When probed on the subject, Elop claimed he “didn’t know what it was” as it hadn’t been announced yet, preferring to divert attention to the recently released Nokia Lumia 620.

According to tech site wmpoweruser, Elop was also keen to reaffirm his company’s intentions for the coming months, stating Nokia would “sell more phones in Q1 2013 than Q4 2012,” and that he was still confident the company could out sell Apple and Samsung in the long term.

Ambitious words indeed. Expect to see a Samsung handset launched across a room near you very soon as a result. You can watch the iPhone throwing incident in the video below: