Sense-ory Overload: Screenshots Of HTC Sense Leak


Images have surfaced on that information-packed electronical wonder we know as the internet purporting to show the latest version of HTC’s rather nice Android skin, HTC Sense 4.0.

The leaked screenshots were happened upon by the chaps at Android Central and caused fans of jazzy animated weather widgets and buttery-smooth menu screen transitions across the land to bask in the glory of the streamlined UI presented before them.

The droid fanatics claim to have unearthed the images from a ROM Update Utility for the recently blathered-about HTC Endeavour and saw fit to splash them all over the web. Just as well they did though because, if these images do turn out to be kosher, Ice Cream Sandwich running HTCs are in for a visual treat.

A variety of screenshots show what look to be the new built-in themes in preview mode (that’s the bit on HTC phones that lets you see how the homescreen, lockscreen and application screen will look once a specific theme has been applied), as well as a new app tray at the bottom of the homescreen.

Aside from those relatively minor changes, nothing much seems to have altered a great deal. The ring-swipe method of unlocking looks to still be in situ, although judging from the way the ‘hoop of destiny’ (as we like to call it) appears within the different themes, users are able to change the colour of both that and the little background disc that app icons sit on.

HTC Sense 4.0 is still officially under wraps, but if the swirling clouds of speculation doing the rounds are anything to go on, both the HTC Endeavor and our favourite Android skin could rock up at Mobile World Congress in just over two week’s time.