Samsung Reportedly Says ‘No’ To Facebook Phone

Samsung Facebook Phone

Rumoured meeting proves unsuccessful

Samsung has reportedly distanced itself from speculation linking it to the production of a Facebook phone.

After a disappointing reception for the HTC First, the phone launched in collaboration with Facebook earlier this year, Bloomberg suggests that senior company figures had met with Samsung to talk about a follow up.

Not the right brand

But the party, thought to include Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was reportedly rebuffed by Samsung, with the company not currently interested in the project following the poor performance of HTC’s device.

Having launched the HTC First, complete with its Facebook Home overlay, back in May, the social network had looked forward to a prosperous time, with demand thought to be high for a device with deeper integration. But the poor reception to both the device and UI eventually led to a UK release being cancelled.

The rumoured rejection from Samsung will now have dented plans of a follow-up device, with Zuckerberg thought to have been keen to test the market again as soon as possible. With a premium image to maintain, it’s thought the Korean firm didn’t see Facebook as a good brand match, something that may scupper any future developments.

However, stranger things have happened than a dramatic turnaround, and it could well be that, with so many Galaxy handsets on its plate at the moment, this just isn’t the right time for Samsung. In other words, watch this space, this story may be grower.