Samsung Launches New Galaxy Gear Ad Campaign

Galaxy Gear Ad

It’s got everyone talking

Samsung has launched a new advertising campaign for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which not only showcases its many features but also pits it as the perfect pulling partner. Yes, you heard right.

The device, which launched earlier this year, may not be to everyone’s taste in the looks department, but judging by this latest promo video it makes you a lot more attractive to the opposite sex.

Watch becomes a wingman

In the ad you’ll see two men, one of which is the proud owner of a Galaxy Gear, and a woman who is quickly won over by the device’s impressive features on the ski slope. Unfortunately the other guy, who only has his smartphone, doesn’t get a look in.

Thankfully we do get to see the smartwatch in action, doing things like making calls, shooting videos, taking pictures, locating a lost phone and wirelessly controlling music through your handset.

It’s clear the Korean firm wants to showcase the Galaxy Gear as a lifestyle accessory rather than just another gadget, and this year there’s no denying that Samsung has helped bolster the wearable technology trend even further.

Talking point

Okay, so the video’s a little cheesy but this light-hearted ad certainly shows off the smartwatches’ abilities well. Unfortunately though the cringe-worthy storyline is quickly becoming a hot topic amongst industry commentators for all the wrong reasons, with one critic claiming it to be “the most embarrassing commercial” he’s ever seen.

We’ll let you make your own minds up. Check out the video and leave us your thoughts in box below…