Samsung Galaxy S IV Teaser Appears On Facebook

Samsung Galaxy S IV Facebook

Image shows device very similar to Galaxy S III

Samsung has posted an image on its Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page that appears to show a darkened picture of the Galaxy S IV.

The handset looks a lot like the Galaxy S III and accompanying the picture is the caption ‘The countdown for The Next Big Thing has begun’.

Is it the Galaxy S IV?

The posted image looks similar to some of the other images leaked on the internet that supposedly show the next Sammy flagship.

However, this latest Facebook shot shows a device lacking an earpiece, although this could have been eliminated to avoid giving away any clues about the device’s specs.

Doubts raised

There have also been doubts raised over the legitimacy of the picture as Samsung is notorious for staunchly keeping its upcoming flagships under wraps prior to launch.

Indeed, it would seem strange for the company to start giving away clues about new devices, especially when you consider the smoke and mirrors approach that preceded the arrival of the Galaxy S III (even we didn’t know anything about it until the covers came off, and we sell the thing!).

Anyhoo, the launch of the next Galaxy smartphone is happening in New York on Thursday 14 March, so there’s only two more sleeps until we finally get a proper glimpse of the new flagship.

In the meantime though, check out the next pre-launch campaign video from Samsung, featuring little Jeremy trying to keep the Galaxy S IV a secret.