Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accidentally Announced

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Device name spotted on Samsung’s website

Samsung has accidently confirmed the existence of its Galaxy Note 3 phablet after referencing it on its Kazakhstan site.

A post was put up discussing a “special VIP service” that mentioned several already confirmed devices such as the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, but then went on to list the as yet mystery-shrouded Galaxy Note 3 also.

Despite little more than a title being mentioned it was enough to set the tech world a-chattering, with site Techtastic picking up on the gaffe initially. Understandably the guilty line has since been pulled from the website, but it seems its been more than enough to get tongues wagging.

Tentative specifications 

Although little concrete information is known about the upcoming device it is thought to be unveiled at the IFA 2013 conference taking place in Berlin this September, with tentative specifications thought to include a 2.3GHz processor and 5.99-inch display amongst other impressive features.

This is by no means the first leak incident for Samsung, with the most recent including a sneak preview of the now confirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on the company’s website before its announcement.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note caused a stir with its large size when it launched back in 2011, with its 5.3-inch display in particular dividing opinion. This was continued with the larger Note 2, although the then mammoth frames are now far more commonplace in an ever-evolving smartphone market.

We’ll be digging a little deeper into the giant beast before it arrives, so keep your eyes open for the latest info as soon as we get it.