Samsung Galaxy Gear Receives Software Update

Galaxy Gear update

New upgrade lets your smartwatch do more

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has proved popular with users looking to extend their smartphone experience, and thanks to a recent update its abilities now stretch even further.

One of the criticisms of the device upon release was that there was a lack of apps and notification settings. But the upgrade aims to rectify this by delivering email, Facebook and Twitter updates, Google Hangout messages and Messenger pings straight to your wrist.


Due to the device’s smaller display only messages and notifications up to a certain length will be viewable, so to read them in their entirety you will have to turn to your smartphone or tablet.

The update, which fixes some known bugs, also includes Smart Relay improvements, which will make the switch between your phone and your smartwatch even easier. And that’s not all; the lift-and-pause gesture movement that activated the clock has also been enhanced.

Update is on its way

Samsung said the new software will improve the Galaxy Gear’s battery life, as well as the quality of the connection used to link the smartwatch to your compatible Galaxy handset.

Users in the US were the first to welcome the update, which is now working its way around the UK and other European territories. Don’t worry if you’ve not got it yet, it should be with you soon.

The Korean manufacturer is rumoured to be releasing a follow-up to the Galaxy Gear next year, thought to be the Galaxy Gear 2. It is hoped the firm will make improvements to the design, battery and onboard utilities second time round. For now though why not check out Samsung’s new promo video for its first smartwatch here.