Ryan Gosling Changes Face Of Internet, Literally

Hey Girl

Because we all need a little Gosling in our lives…

You might have seen our Take Five: Digital Distractions (if you haven’t, then click here) and while Dan G certainly picked an impressive plethora of internet procrastination, we thought it only fair to offer the female population five minutes (or more) of joy.

Here at Phones 4u HQ we LOVE a bit of Ryan Gosling, and while he’s mainly known for playing brooding, troubled and lovesick characters in his films, you may not know is that The Gosling is also an internet sensation.

Hey Girl

What can only be described as possibly the greatest online creation ever, heygirl.io is a new browser extension that turns every image on a webpage into various shots of the actor.

By simply dragging the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, or by downloading the Chrome extension, you can turn everything from Facebook to the news into a Gosling gallery – and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Meme master

If you’re wondering why the actor is an online phenomenon, back in 2008 some rather sultry images of the actor were posted with the text ‘Hey Girl’. Since then The Gosling and his good looks have become an established internet sensation.

One of the most recent memes is the ridiculously hilarious ‘Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal’ – if you don’t believe us, check out the video below. Oh and ladies, you’re welcome…