Robot Band Play Gig In Tokyo

Z Machines

Inventor wants to take them “to another solar system”

In perhaps the most bizarre story of the week, a trio of robot musicians took to the stage to support a Japanese pop act at a Tokyo concert.

The troupe, dubbed the Z-Machines by their creators, played drums, keyboard and guitar for popular Japanese group Amoyamo, although reports suggest their backing vocals weren’t up to much.

But, not content with playing to 100 people in the country’s capital, one of the robot’s inventors told ITN News he wants to take them into space. Yoichiro Kawaguchi, a professor from Tokyo University, claimed he’d like them to play anywhere including “the ice moons of Europa”, something that may take a bit of work.

There’s been no word as to whether Z-Machines are planning to tour the world before they head off to other solar systems, but you can watch them in action below just in case they don’t.