QuizUp: App Review

QuizUp Featured

Nothing quite beats the smug feeling of winning a quiz. Be it at the pub, during a board game or simply knowing the answer to a random question, there’s no denying that knowledge is power.

So, what better way to celebrate this than lording it over strangers on the internet, which is exactly what QuizUp is here to help you do. Okay, so that’s not the game’s main message, but play it enough and the rest will soon follow.


What does it do?

You probably don’t need to be told this, but QuizUp is all about quizzes. Users create a profile and are then free to amble about the nicely designed app, competing against randomly assigned opponents. Topics range from general knowledge right the way through to David Bowie hits, so there’s something for everyone.

And, for the ultimate gloating situation, you can even challenge your friends from various social networks as well.

QuizUp Screen 1What we liked

In short? Almost everything. For starters it looks great, as we mentioned earlier, with the interface garbed in matte black with a splash of bright colour here and there. Said interface is also easy to use, and you feel right at home within minutes. Challenging people and understanding your scores has been made as straightforward as possible too, so you can build up your levels quickly and become a cognitive ninja in no time.

But most importantly, the quiz element is fun and compelling, which sets it apart from a lot of other contenders. The range of available topics is truly astounding, and even then it’s very rare you’ll come across a duplicate answer. Rather than plodding through a set of dull questions, QuizUp has innovated to add drama to a standard format, and it works marvelously.

QuizUp Screen 2What could be better

It’s a bit of a struggle to pull out any criticisms of QuizUp, but its lack of availability is frustrating. Currently only available on iOS, its absence on other platforms deprives users of a genuinely fun app, so we can only hope this will be addressed soon.

Other than that, the fact that it eats up so much of your time could be seen as a negative, but who wants to do work/do the chores/talk to people anyway?


Quite simply, QuizUp is one of the very best apps we’ve discovered this year, and it’s one that looks set to keep us hooked well into the next. If you like testing your brain, learning useless facts and beating randoms on the internet, then get involved and thank us later.