Playing It Cool: PS2 Games Heading For Android


The Xperia Play may be the handset gaming fanatics are waiting to get their mitts on right now, but it seems that the little green robot wants in on the action too. Nvidia, the company behind the Tegra 2 dual-core processors that loads of manufacturers are kitting their devices out with at the moment, has revealed that Sony’s new PlayStation Suite software is heading for other Android powered handsets.

According to the firm, the PlayStation Suite – which will bring PlayStation games to Android phones – is bound for smartphones and tablets kitted out with a Tegra 2 processor such as the LG Optimus 2X and Motorola Xoom. Because dual-core processors give these devices an extra bit of power, Sony are looking to bring PlayStation 2 and PSOne titles to handsets that will be able to do them justice.

The whole PlayStation Suite thing is quite a landmark move for Sony as it will be the first time it has allowed PS games to be played on devices made by manufacturers other than themselves. Any Android manufacturer can try their hand at making a handset that’s compatible with the PlayStation Suite software but it has to be ‘PlayStation Certified’ before it gets the green light.

At the moment, the only PlayStation Certified handset out there is the Xperia Play but with the PlayStation Suite due out later this year, there could be a family of PlayStation phones knocking around before we know it. Sore thumbs abounds!