P4u Round-Up: Our Pick Of The Week


Alright there you cheeky chaps, happy Friday and welcome back to another marvellous Pick Of The Week instalment. You’re probably fed up of hearing us bang on about how busy our week has been but, seeing as we write the articles, you’re going to have to put up with it.

So, it’s been a proper manic seven days here at P4u Towers, with plenty to keep us busy little bees scribbling away for the majority of it. There have been leaks, helpful videos and, of course, the small matter of a major handset launch. But, being the mobile tech stalwarts we are, we’ve kept on top of it all…

Samsung Galaxy S4 POTW

Star of the show

Of course, our main order of business is the small matter of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest super-duper smartphone to drop in what’s been a bumper start to 2013. Launched at a ridiculous event in New York, the new Sammy beast showed off its impressive features including an octa-core processor. Yup, you read that right, OCTA-CORE. Now, we may work in tech, but even we have no idea what one of those could be used for. If you ask us, it sounds like something from Spiderman, leading us to think that Samsung boss JK Shin is actually the web slinger himself. There you are folks, you heard it here first. Anyway, the Galaxy S4 will have a tough round ahead, but it looks likely to be a smash hit success. As if that wasn’t predictable.

Google Now iOS POTW

The time is (Google) Now?

You can always guarantee those blokes at Google will sneak into one of these here round-ups, it’ll be a fine day when we get to not talk about them. Still, they’ve done it again, and this time the talk concerns that terrifying piece of stalker software, Google Now. Not content with having the slightly sinister bit of software on its own platform, it seems the Mountain View folk are set to roll it out to iOS after a demo video leaked on YouTube. As is often the case with leaked videos, it was yanked quicker than you could blink, but a clever site has managed to get it back online and thus show it off in all its glory. No one knows when or if the port will actually happen, but for those that like having their every move monitored, it’s exciting news.


Writing on the wall

For all of you that are still obsessed with knowing other people’s business, HTC has developed a new device with Facebook at its core. The terribly titled HTC Myst will come with built-in integration to the social networking site, including a pre-installed app, Facebook chat and even Instagram included as standard. There was also a fairly long spec sheet divulged, with highlights including a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and LTE connectivity. Of course, this isn’t the first time HTC has had a pop at a Facebook phone, so let’s hope it’s considerably better than the ChaCha. Let’s not get started on that again…

Tips N Tricks POTW

Just like that…

Regular visitors to our little corner of the web will know by now just how darn good we are at keeping you lot informed of all the latest gadget goings-on. We dedicate ourselves to serving up the most insightful and enthralling content, and this week has seen a whole new raft of HTC One and BlackBerry Z10 Tips N’ Tricks hit the virtual shelves as a result. Resident handset Jedi Dan Nixon spent most of last week locked away in a darkened room with our video producer, and the fruits of his labours included an explanation on that complicated HTC Zoe imaging tech and the BlackBerry Z10’s Storymaker. The resulting vids are rather useful, so have a watch of them yeah?

WhatsApp BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry knows WhatsAppening

This feels familiar, doesn’t it? After promising a whole host of quality content, BlackBerry has finally delivered by making WhatsApp available on BlackBerry 10 - three months later. Whilst it can’t quite be likened to Microsoft’s working pace, it’s still a little longer than many users would liked to have waited for a big name app, but nevertheless it’s arrived. The clever app offers the same free messaging as it does on other platforms but has apparently been re-imagined for the BB10 platform. Unfortunately, you’ll have to install a wee update before you get your hands on it, but we’ve given you a nice little run through of how to get it done (see “always helpful” phrase above). Whilst it’s not exactly an awe-inspiring title enough to appease impatient fans, it’s a start.

Well there you have it, that’s the way it was this week in the world of tech. It’s now the weekend, which means we’re all off to watch more rugby than is actually legal, challenge the accepted social conventions of a wedding, and eat as much greasy, calorie-filled food until the diet (supposedly) resumes again on Monday. We’re going to make the most of it, too, ‘cos when we come back it’ll be all “Samsung this” and “Galaxy that”, and “So, what the hell is an octo-core?” We can’t wait. See you in seven days.