P4u Round-Up: Our Pick Of The Week


Afternoon ladies and gentleman, thanks of checking into this Friday techstravaganza we call Pick Of The Week. By now you ought to know the tired, old, repetitive drill, so we’ll skip the pleasantries and get straight down to business. This week has been busy and lots of things have happened, so as you can imagine we’ve been proper stacked. Luckily, this means there’s plenty of news for you, and here it is. Ready…GO!


Leaky little beggar

We actually have a Post-it note sat on our ‘Ideas Board’ in P4u Towers that declares a blanket ban on rumours of any kind, such has been their prominence in recent tech news. So, to completely contravene the order (more of a stressed-out hissy fit than an order), this week saw a leaked image of a device that might be the HTC One Mini. Of course it’s only speculation at this point, but if not someone’s done a cracking job of making a fake one. There were also some customary specifications to accompany said snap, and they make for some nice reading. Watch this space for yet more rumoured-based goodness.

Galaxy S4 Zoom POTW

Hybrid theory

Another thing we’ve not been short of in recent weeks is Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. Like some bizarre Groundhog Day we’ve had variant after variant emerge from Korea, each with an intriguing twist on the device’s winning formula. This time it was the turn of the Galaxy S4 Zoom to pop its head above ground, showing off its mental camera credentials in the process. Said winning formulas are hard to come by, so the idea of combining an Android camera with an Android smartphone has to be applauded. With a ‘striking’ design it will certainly have its fans, and hopefully it’ll also be the last we hear from that pesky Samsung for a while. Making us do lots of work, whatever next…


iOS heaven?

Oh yeah, that Apple thing, that was a big deal. The Cupertino lot unveiled iOS 7 at its WWDC 13 event and, boy, did people go mental for it. With a completely different look and a massive stack of new features the internet went into overdrive with opinions, thoughts, musings and other words that basically mean ‘opinion’ surrounding the new platform. In dramatic fashion we won’t be getting it straight away, though, and it’ll be the Autumn until people can get their mitts on the funky OS. We’ve started counting the days. No, really. In the meantime, you can also read our handy guide to it right here.

Glastonbury POTW

Field of dreams

We like to think that P4u Towers is a place of harmony and warmth, where friendship grows alongside productivity in a team dedicated to hard work. But when certain members are preparing to head off to Glastonbury and others aren’t, things get a little bit, well, rocky. Such is the eventuality that two ‘beloved colleagues’ are currently packing for a weekend of music, fun and joyousness whilst the rest of us have to sit here and watch. Luckily there was still the opportunity to review Glastonbury Festival 2013, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out. Or not.

Nokia Zoom POTW


Take a closer look

As we’ve said previously, people cannot get enough of PureView. Whether its the concept, the Symbian handset, the range of merchandise or the difficult second album, everyone goes barmy for the thing. Well, if rumours (there’s that bloomin’ word again) are to be believed, we’re finally be getting our eyes on some PureView action in July after Nokia sent out some invites. The cryptic clues point towards a soiree, with no more information but an ambiguous title. Put two and two together, though, and you don’t have to be Einstein’s cat’s nephew to realise it’s probably for the Lumia EOS. EXCITEMENT IS OCCURRING.

Well that’s us done in for another week, we hope the burnout-infused madness that occurs every Friday hasn’t worried you too much throughout this catastrophe of a feature. In true nerd style we’re off to stay indoors all weekend, avoiding the miserable British weather and boning up on the next-gen consoles that promise to steal hours of our lives in the coming months. Some of us may also have a social life, but we’re not really sure what one of those is. Anyway, unless we win the lottery or get head hunted, we’ll be back here next week, so see you then.