P4u Round-Up: Our Pick Of The Week


Apparently we’ve reached Friday again, which means it’s Pick Of The Week time once more. Now, normally we’d trot out several lines about how busy we are and all that, but this week has been a right “backs to the wall” affair, so we can’t really think of anything appropriate. With certain team members electing to swan off into the sun for something called a “holiday” (not sure what one of those is…) we’ve been up to our eyes in tech, which is good news for you lot. So, shall we see what’s been cracking?

Android Jelly Bean Potw

Bean around the world

Google may be pretty close to taking over the entire world, but it’s always had a bit of trouble getting its Android update roll-outs ‘on point’. Getting Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses was about as successful as the USA’s adoption of the metric system, and many were left somewhat stranded and frustrated. Looks like they sorted it out with Jelly Bean though, and the latest slice of Android action is tipped to become the most used within a matter of weeks, finally topping the evergreen Gingerbread. Having only launched last year this is good but expected news, no doubt assisted by Jelly Bean’s all-round awesomeness. We do feel for ole’ Gingerbread though, it fought the good fight for so long.

Nokia EOS Potw

 Elvis is in the building

A few weeks back we gave you a hands-on look at the upcoming Nokia beast, the Lumia 925 (‘cos we’re good like that). But it looks like there could be an even newer kid on the block pretty soon, as details have emerged regarding the Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’. Now, whisper this quietly, but this could well be the Lumia PureView device that people just won’t shut up about, with the handset rumoured to be rocking a beastly 41 megapixel sensor. We’ve tried many times to explain the whole PureView deal, so hopefully Nokia’ll do it for us if these specs are right. It looks rather decent, and with a codename like ‘Elvis’ (thanks AT&T), what’s not to like?

HTC One Mini Potw

Little white lies?

We may have to rename this perishing feature Pick Of The Rumours (or something like that, but better) for all the bloomin’ speculation we get thrown our way each week, with one such leak/rumour/half-truth popping up in the form of the HTC One Mini. The blokes from Taiwan seem to be having everyone on at the minute, saying one thing and doing another (see the HTC One Nexus fiasco), and they appear to have done it again with the Mini. First there wasn’t one and now there probably is – such teases. These are only preliminary specs but they look rather tasty, so here’s hoping we get a Mini slice of action soon.

S4 Active Potw

Witness the fitness

One handset that definitely is real is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which Sammy took the covers off on Wednesday. It seems having one version of an awesome Android flagship just isn’t enough anymore, and it’s now customary to make a waterproof verison as well as a mini one. The Active looks impressive though, what with its hardy outers sheltering that yummy Jelly Bean innards, we’ll certainly not be complaining come launch time.

Instagram Windows Phone 8 POTW

Finally filtering through

We’ve got a soft spot for Windows Phone 8 users; a dedicated bunch who’ve dared to take a different mobile approach and have been landed with a fairly bare platform. They’ve not got much to play with, bless ‘em, yet remain ever-faithful despite a potent lack of apps. So, you can imagine just how thrilled we were upon discovering Instagram may finally be WP bound. Bloomin’ chuffed we were, “those lovely folk deserve it”, we thought. Yet it’s not all parties and streamers, as it looks like any arrival will be a Nokia only affair, akin to a massive kick in the teeth for anyone other than Lumia owners. WHY MICROSOFT?! WHY MUST YOU TORTURE THEM LIKE THIS?! It’s a cruel world sometimes.

Well, I think we may have actually made it through, you know.  It’s sunny, it’s Friday afternoon and we’ve all but wrapped this work thang off, so we’re going to go sit in a garden until we’re lobster red (which for some of us may only take five minutes) and trick ourselves into thinking we’re free men and women without a care in the world. So, when that illusion comes crashing down, shall we see you here next week? Ok then, it’s a date.