P4u App’raisal: Trippy


Going away, be abroad or to a new city, can be quite daunting. You worry you might get lost, miss out on something amazing to see, or just that you will just have a pants time. Yes, you can look at recommendations on internet advisor sites, but you never know how accurate they are (or whether the review has been written by the hotel/club/restaurant owners themselves).

So what’s the solution? Trippy, the new trip planner app of course! Trippy links you with friends in your social networks who have information on a particular place, who can then offer recommendations and give you a hand with planning a successful trip. It means you know the info you’re getting is from people you trust, so you can rest assured you’ll have a great time and not end up in a dodgy and dirty one star B&B touted as a high class hotel.

Your mates know you as an individual too and so are more likely to know the places that would be of interest to you personally – you might well find yourself visiting bars, clubs or venues that wouldn’t be on the usual tourist guides. For example your mate may have been to this cool little art gallery in Amsterdam that you would never have known about if they hadn’t alerted you to it through Trippy. You can also create a trip photo album and share pics directly from the venues that your mates have recommended, as well as to book hotels too. Pretty cool huh? Why not let Trippy take the trepidation out of your travels.