Nokia Lumia 625 review: Speed & style

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The Nokia Lumia 625 isn’t to be confused with similarly named Lumia models. Although it’s closely related to the 520 and 620, it comes with a host of features that look much more towards the premium end of the spectrum. Giants like the Lumia 1020 are paving the way for the Finnish firm’s name, but how does the 625 level up?

Key features

  • 4.7-inch LCD display
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 4G capability
  • Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • 2000mAh battery

Design & Hardware

Nokia Lumia 625 Front Bottom Edge

The Lumia 625 is a bit of a chunky monkey, coming in at 159g – heavier than the 1020. Its dimensions make it the second largest model in the Lumia range, behind the 1520 phablet. The Lumia design has remained unchanged with the left side of the handset featuring the volume rocker, power button and camera shutter control as usual.

Available with a selection of coloured, polycarbonate backing covers (black, white, green, red and yellow); owners can enjoy a variety of choice when it comes to the Lumia 625. The plastic covers simply click off the rear of the handset to reveal the SIM and MicroSD input, and unlike some of the lower range Lumia models, the adequate 2000mAh battery is non-removable.

Nokia Lumia 625 Bits

The 4.7-inch LCD display come with 200 pixels per inch which does bring down overall image quality, but was always expected to feature on a handset in this price bracket. And due to the low ppi, image and video quality does fall a little short when it comes to warmth and detail.

The 5 megapixel camera comes well equipped with autofocus functionality and LED flash, and will be more than ample for the point and shoot photographer. The native Nokia Smart Cam’s party trick is taking a selection of pictures in immediate succession, which leaves you to select the best shot in review, which works great if you’re trying to catch one of those fleeting moments.

Software & Multimedia

Nokia Lumia 625 Top Edge

The Windows Phone user interface features live tiles, which update as and when you receive them. With inbuilt apps like Facebook and Twitter right on the homepage, your phone will quickly become more personal to you, and the ability to pin your favourite apps, photos or songs make exclusivity simple.

HERE Maps and HERE Drive are also native to the handset on purchase, both assisting with navigation. Maps is purely for location and plotting routes, whereas the latter, unsurprisingly, acts as a GPS. Users have the option to download maps when connected to Wi-Fi to avoid data usage costs while on the road, but if time is of the essence, 4G connectivity will keep you right until you arrive at your destination.

Nokia Lumia 625 UI

Nokia MixRadio acts as your personal musical expert. Build you own, or jump on board with premade playlists, available to download and enjoy offline. Although the free version does have a number of stipulations to adhere to, a premium version is available at a low monthly cost allowing you to skip and listen to unlimited music, wherever you are. Ace for commutes, or if you’re out and about.

Performance & Verdict

Nokia Lumia 625 Front

Given the Nokia Lumia 625’s size, we expected a little bit more from the display. The relatively middle-of-the-road ppi density brings the quality down, but this is reflected in the mid-range price. 4G capability and the large battery are huge shouts for this handset, so if you want to get on the superfast network wagon without having to break the bank, the Lumia 625 is well worth a closer look.