New Apple Products Due This Year


New kit expected to arrive in Autumn

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has announced the company will be offering products in “exciting new product categories” this year.

He let the news slip at Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, and Cook added that the manufacturer has “some really great stuff coming in the fall and across 2014.”

Exciting and new

Ears pricked up at Cook’s use of the word ‘new’, leading many to believe we’ll be seeing some revolutionary tech from Apple, not just updated iterations of existing products such as the iPhone.

New products that have been rumoured include the Apple iWatch and Apple Television, which at the moment have yet to be confirmed but are already causing a buzz in the world of tech.

Autumn offerings

However, it’s a little disappointing that the products won’t be unveiled until the fall (autumn to us UK lot), which means that any hopes of an early iPhone 5S or new iPad release – maybe at WWDC 2013 – have been dashed.

Even so, it sounds like Apple is upping its game in the battle against its biggest rival, Samsung, so hopefully some of the new kit its got up its sleeve is going to be highly impressive.

Apple also uncovered some sales figures, including 37.4 million iPhone devices, 19.5 million iPad tablets, and 5.6 million iPod music players that it has shifted in the last quarter.

And it’s likely that when this new kit is released it will sell even more units, with a wider range of products for people to choose from. Clever Apple.