Motorola X Phone Said To Be First Device In A Range Of Smartphones


Motorola X lineage could rival Samsung Galaxy range

Rumour has it that the rumoured ‘Motorola X Phone’ could in fact be be a brand name for a range of mobiles, rather than a single device.

There was speculation that the Motorola X would be a Google Nexus smartphone with hardware produced by Motorola.

However, a Motorola insider has told Android blog AndroidAndMe that Motorola X will be a range of handsets similar to Samsung’s Galaxy collection of mobiles.

Motorola X marks the spot

The new line-up of smartphones from Motorola will also supposedly be the first devices that Google has a direct influence on.

The first handset from the Motorola X range  is speculated to launch at Google I/O event in May, hitting shelves later in June.

It’s also reported that that this Motorola X handset will be sold through the Google Play store as well as networks, much like the Nexus range of products that includes the Google Nexus tablet and LG-produced Nexus 4.

Users will be guaranteed at least one software update on their Motorola X phone too, offered by the manufacturer itself rather than Google.

Customisable features

It’s also rumoured that users will be able to select how much RAM and internal storage they wish their Motorola X mobile to have, and these customised devices will be available to customers within a week from the order date.

Users are also said to be able to customise their Motorola X smartphone with wallpapers, ringtones, apps and contacts before they have it delivered. Sounds cool huh?

Of course, we’ll take all this with a pinch of salt for now as we have had no official word from either Google or Motorola.

Even without concrete evidence that this is happening, it certainly sounds exciting, and if these reports turn out to be true the Motorola X lineage could catapult Motorola to the top of the mobile manufacturer rankings, rivalling Apple and Samsung.