Motorola X Phone Hardware To Be Open For Customisation

Motorola X Phone Design

Colour and engraved message up to the user

It seems there could be much more to the Motorola X Phone than first thought after an advertising campaign has revealed users will be able to fully customise the outer shells of their device before it’s shipped to them.

Uncovered by an advertising company yesterday, the campaign suggested the X Phone will be “the first phone you can design yourself” which at the time seemed perfectly ambiguous. However more details have emerged today, with US channel ABC News suggesting the customisation could go very deep indeed. This was also backed up after colourful back covers reportedly belonging to the handset were leaked by French site Nowhere Else.

Free reign

According to them, users will be able to pick the colour of the device’s outer shell, engrave a name or message on the back and even submit a photo to be used as stock wallpaper. With the engraving part distinctly Apple influenced, it looks like Motorola is giving its customers free reign when it comes to the looks of its latest device.

Further news has also been uncovered regarding the teased gestures, something Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola, hinted at back in May. If popular site Tech Radar is to believed, these will include a flick to open the camera and several voice activated commands.

Selling Point

Having been debated for much of 2013 so far, the Motorola X Phone now has a distinct selling point to go with the hype, and the added fact that it will be built on US soil is sure to heighten its appeal across the Atlantic.

However there is still no word as to the device’s availability in the UK, and we’re still waiting for some concrete specifications to pop up despite several leaks, so there’s plenty left to learn about the handset before it lands in October.