Mobile World Congress 2013: Day Three Round-Up

Mobile World Congress 2013 Round-up

After a jam-packed first couple of days, the tech-stravaganza that is Mobile World Congress 2013 continued in Barcelona today and brought forth a whole host of new gadgetry for us to sink our teeth into.

With so many handset, tablets and gizmos to get to grips with, we’ve condensed it all into a nice, informative round-up for you, so you can get all the techy news you need in bitesize chunks. So, let’s take a look at what went down…



We love a good tough phone, and there are few more well-versed in producing them than CAT. It’s been a while since its last effort, but the company has unveiled the B15, its first smartphone, at this year’s event.

Despite being dominated by a 4-inch touchscreen, it seems the new device has not lost any of its rock-hard heritage, and the B15 is reportedly water, scratch and dust resistant. As you would expect, the hardened device is aimed at construction workers and outdoorsy types, boasting a rubber and aluminium casing trimmed with odd looking hexagonal edges.

Still, all this toughness doesn’t stop it from being a decent little handset, and the new player wields a 1GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and Android Jelly Bean operating system. Not bad, eh? We’re looking forward to meeting the fella…

Jolla Sailfish

Jolla Sailfish demoed

We’ve already tipped it for big things this year, and today brought about the first glimpse of the brand spanking new Jolla Sailfish platform. Put together by a bunch of intrepid former Nokia employees, the operating system is claimed to be the ultimate in cross-platform unification and great for user interaction.

Although a release to the general public is still thought to be a long way off, the Sailfish crew were able to make an alpha version available to the MWC masses, with several sharp-eyed tech blogs bagging themselves a hands-on with the platform. Shown off on a Nokia 950, Sailfish is a vertical running interface with a homescreen not dissimilar to that found on BlackBerry 10. Early highlights include an aggregated notification centre, a hidden status bar and gesture controls.

As we said, it may be a long while before Jolla Sailfish sees the light of day on a bespoke handset, but early signs are very positive. You can watch Pocketnow‘s hands-on with the platform here, and more info on the OS is available via the Sailfish website.

Alcatel OneTouch Snap

Alcatel OneTouch Snap

News of one Alcatel device landing this week has already been shovelled your way, but it seems the Chinese-French manufacturer just can’t help itself. No sooner have the covers been whipped of its new Firefox-laden handset, and it’s onto the next one in the form of the OneTouch Snap.

Adding to the growing OneTouch range, the Snap rocks a 4.5-inch display, 1.2GHz processor and Android Jelly Bean operating system, meaning it’ll slot in nicely in amongst its Sammy and Sony competitors.

And for those wanting a bit of 4G action, there’s also an LTE version. Different in both specification and looks, the OneTouch Snap LTE will wield a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a slightly larger 4.6-inch display and a 2200mAh battery. Although not exactly what you would call blockbuster specs, the LTE version will provide a more affordable option in an emerging market.

So, plenty to get your teeth into, eh? Be sure to come back tomorrow where we’ll wrap up our Mobile World Congress 2013 coverage with a handsome rundown of the final day’s goings on. See you then.