Mobile News In Brief: Flip Phones & 4G

News Roundup

With the weekend in sight and everyone at Phones 4u HQ shrewdly contemplating a swift exit, we take a look at what’s been most talked about in the Mobile News In Brief. As ever we’ve condensed everything into digestible chunks, because no doubt it’s been a long week for you too. Get this lot in your brain before you slip out the door, and you’ll be a conversational Jedi Master all weekend. Cheerio.


Canadian firm, BlackBerry has this week announced that it’s in discussions concerning it future. As the firm continues to juggle several years of decline in the constantly moving tech industry, it has acknowledged this as the appropriate time to explore potential alternative avenues.

ZTE Open

ZTE has announced its new model, the ZTE Open, will be available exclusively on eBay. The obscure sales movement has allowed the Firefox-powered smartphone to be available worldwide having previously only been obtainable in Columbia, Venezuela and Spain. At £60 a pop it’s a snip, too.

Samsung Hennessey

The South Korean firm has this week unveiled a retro flip phone, featuring dual displays and a fairly modest spec sheet. At the moment the Samsung Hennessy will only be available to a Chinese market but may look to expand at a later date.

True Or False Screen 1

True or False: App Review

Our favourite app this week is True or False. Although at first glance it seems we’ve become smitten with a game designed for children, it’s in fact engaging, addictive and educational – with bright colours.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

As rumours continue to circumnavigate the internet, we’ve been offered another glimmer of hope that Samsung will be unveiling its much talked about wrist wear at the IFA 2013 conference in September. Stay tuned as we will be covering the event live from our blog on 4 September.

O2 Announce 4G Tariffs

Competitors O2 and Vodafone are due to independently launch their superfast 4G networks at the end of August. O2 have this week announced a handful of their pay monthly package prices ahead of the launch in an attempt to shepherd customers, and will be releasing more information on its tariffs over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.