Mobile News In Brief: Notes & Macs

News Roundup

We always say it, but this week has been rammed with all sorts of handset-related goings on. We’ve had reviews, features and stories coming out of our ears, and plenty of stuff to farm out as a result.

So, if you’ve not been paying attention to any of it, now’s the time to recap with Mobile News In Brief and realise just what you’ve missed. See you Monday.

Android KitKat

We’re seeing an increasing amount of news on the next iteration of Android, and this week brought both a tentative release date and a new set of screenshots. Nestle revealed on its Facebook profile that KitKat could land before the end of October, whilst the new snaps showed off a similar looking interface as previous software installments. Hopefully it won’t be long until we get some concrete information.

Fleetwood Mac @ Phones 4u Arena

Tuesday saw a legendary band play the Phones 4u Arena, and it’s safe to say one member of the team will take a while to recover. Fleetwood Mac blew the crowd away with their iconic tracks, and we were there to soak it all in. Full of bright lights, double denim and hippies, read our review of proceedings right here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We’ve already brought you a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but we managed to get our hands on one for a full review this week. In short it’s one of this year’s finest handsets, with its excellent display, massive processor and smart new functions setting it apart from the competition. Watch the video below.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Not to be forgotten, we also gave the Samsung Galaxy Gear a good going over to see what the deal was with the latest smartwatch. It’s a nifty bit of kit, with a tidy design and some good functions to match. It seems Samsung has used it as support for its handsets, although we’d definitely like to see some more standalone apps. Still, there’s plenty of time for all that.

Pocket Trains

App Review is always about putting the biggest and best new content through its paces in a demanding test environment so we can bring you the all important verdict. Alternatively, it’s about goofing off and playing with games, in this case Pocket Trains. As a glorious 8-bit retro-fest, you become the master of your own train empire. Choo-choo!

4K Explained

In honour of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s release we wanted to explain the latest cutting edge technology it brings – 4K. The handset shoots in Ultra HD and, although it doesn’t offer the same viewing privileges, it is the first mobile device to do so. As a result, Ross Campbell eloquently gives you the lowdown on what 4K is, and crucially, what it means for us customers.