Mobile News In Brief: Nexus And Nokias

News Roundup

We’ve had another jam packed week in the world of mobile technology, with plenty of news and announcements to keep us busy. So, the best way to collate all this for you is with Mobile News In Brief, a bitesize look at the past seven days. There’s plenty to get through, so enjoy it and we’ll see you next week. Ciao.

 Nokia Lumia 1020

It’d been leaked more times than holey bucket, but we finally saw the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 1020 in New York this week. Stephen Elop and co. took the covers off the 41 megapixel monster and claimed it would revolutionise camera technology, which is a fair bet. It remains to be seen how it will compete in a competitive market, though.


Mr Elop also had a hand in a few more announcements at Thursday, one of which was the arrival of Vine on Windows Phone 8. The video app has been confirmed as one of a host of top titles arriving on the platform courtesy of the Lumia 1020, with photo suite Hipstamatic the other notable name. If these keep coming it could be good times ahead for WP users, and don’t they deserve it.

 Nokia Lumia 925

And as if all that wasn’t enough, there’s yet more Nokia news after we reviewed the Nokia Lumia 925 this week.  Like most of the range the device boasts an outstanding camera with the new Nokia Smart Camera, which is clever if a little clunky. There’s a new design, too, and plenty of things to give other manufacturers pause for thought. You can watch the video below.

 BlackBerry Bold 9720

We had a little blast from the past this week as BlackBerry confirmed a BlackBerry 7 handset will be arriving shortly. Whilst it stopped short of confirming a name, the BlackBerry Bold 9720 turned up several times and is the most likely. It’s a gamble from the Canadian firm, but with a large portion of its sales still coming from the platform, one that could make sense.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus/HTC One Nexus

Software developers have been going barmy over them for weeks, but the Nexus Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One have finally gone on sale. The devices, which run a stock version of Android 4.2 free from manufacturer overlays, are available from the US Google Play Store for a hefty price, with no word as yet on a UK release. So sit tight, British geeks, we’ll keep you posted.

Tiny Wings

Apple’s App Store celebrated five years in existence this week, and did so by giving away a load of free content. One such app was the magnificent Tiny Wings, which was the subject of our App Review. Full of great graphics and some seriously addictive gameplay, we found there was only one problem with it – having to put it down and do some real work.