Mobile News In Brief: Batteries & Bluetooth

News Roundup

It’s been a busy old week in the world of tech, but we know that you can’t always be at the forefront of breaking news. So that’s why we’re here, to round up everything that has happened into easy to digest news bites in our Mobile News In Brief.

We’re good to you, we know. See you on Monday.


EE has announced that it will launch the UK’s first 4G pay as you go payment plan. The PAYG 4G deals will be available on all 15 of the pay monthly handsets, with prices starting at as little as £3 for 100MB for 30 days or £30 for 10GB.

BlackBerry Messenger

Frank Boulben, BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer, has revealed that the BlackBerry Messenger app could be coming to iOS and Android in the next few days. BBM was due to become available to the other platforms at the end of summer, but faced a delay after an unofficial version was leaked.

HTC One max Hands-On Review

Not to be left out of the growing phablet trend, HTC unveiled its new mammoth device, the HTC One max. We were invited to have a play with the handset and filmed our findings in the video below:

Improving Smartphone Battery Life

Did you know that turning down the brightness on your smartphone’s screen can increase battery life? So can closing down apps and keeping your handset cool. Find out the other tips and tricks we’ve compiled in our 7 ways to improve battery life feature – you can thank us later.

Q BOPZ Bluetooth Speak Review

We got our hands on the Q BOPZ Bluetooth Speaker, and we have to say for £29.99 it’s a complete bargain. Check out our review and see us put it to the test – you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one.


It’s rumoured that Twitter is considering launching a standalone messaging service that could rival Facebook and WhatsApp. After seeing success with its subsidiary app Vine, the microblogging behemoth could be about to capitalise on another social avenue.