Learning Curve: Nokia Brings NFC To London Museum

Nokia has teamed up with the Museum of London to introduce some cool NFC-based tech that’ll help visitors get the most out of the exhibitions there.

Our favourite Finns have installed new NFC hubs throughout the museum which users can swipe their phone over in order to read more information about exhibits. The service also sends offers for the museum shops and cafés to your blower so even if you’re not interested in history and learning (tut,tut) at least you’ll be able to save yourself a few bob on an overpriced can of Coke after.

Marketing manager at the Museum of London Vicky Lee said: “NFC technology has the potential to change how we interact with our visitors,

“By simply touching tags located throughout both our venues, visitors can delve deeper into London’s story in an immediate and engaging way.”

Sounds pretty useful when presented here – only problem is there aren’t many NFC phones out at the moment. Anything else you want to share with us, Nokia?