Jelly Bean To Become Most Used Android Variant

Android Jelly Bean

Latest version to finally oust Gingerbread from perch

Jelly Bean is set to become the most used Android software variant, overtaking the longstanding front runner Gingerbread in the process.

According to information provided by Android developers, 33% of handsets are currently running the latest slice of Google’s software, a figure that will likely increase in less than a month if projections prove accurate. And with Gingerbread currently installed on 36.5% of Android devices, its reign will not last much longer.

4.2 usage on the up

Having faced persistent criticism for its slow software roll-outs, this will be positive news for Google and its Android platform. With Ice Cream Sandwich, the iteration before Jelly Bean, having been plagued by a slow uptake, the change in pace will be a welcome one for all involved.

A quick uptake of Jelly Bean will no doubt have been boosted by the launch of recent flagships including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, both of which have taken the platform to new levels and projected it to a new audience. Throw in an existing catalogue of smartphones able to upgrade to the new version, and it’s little surprise the platform has taken off in a big way.

Lower specced handsets

As well as a large number of devices adding to the attraction, Google has also been praised for cramming Jelly Bean full of intuitive features and design quirks, with the Project Butter UI and Google Now software in particular setting it apart from previous versions.

The Samsung device will also have contributed to the fact that 4% of all Jelly Bean devices are already using version 4.2, with the latest Galaxy flagship running it straight out of the box. Whilst the same cannot be said of the HTC One, an upgrade appears to be imminent.

Although launching in 2010 Gingerbread’s presence on lower specced devices has cemented its market dominance, with handsets such as the LG Optimus L3 offering a cheaper Android experience that has proved popular.