iPhone 5S Rumour Round-Up

iPhone 5S

Despite the dust barely having settled on the self-assured yet understated launch of the iPhone 5, Apple is already preparing its troops for the seemingly imminent launch of its next device. Thought to be entitled the iPhone 5S – they’re nothing if not original – the rumour mill has already started to turn concerning the fixtures and features of the upcoming handset.

Of course at this early stage, these rumours are exactly that, with little to nothing having been confirmed in the way of solid fact. That said, a hazy picture is already starting to take shape thanks to the half-truths and leaks from darkest corners of the internet. So, let’s take a look at the story so far, shall we?

iPhone 5S 1

You CAN Touch This

As Siri was such a blockbuster hit that revolutionised our mobile lives and now plays a vital part in everything we do (ahem), our first rumour concerns a new feature that won’t in any way be a bit pointless. It seems some analyst type has analysed some stuff, and his analysis has lead him to believe Apple’s next gimmick gizmo will take the form of a fingerprint scanner. He also thinks that some buttons may be in different places, and the overall design may be slightly altered. Exciting stuff or what?  As is often the case with these sorts of rumours, no timeframe or practical reason accompanied the wild conjecture, and it’s likely that, whilst some of it may turn out to be true, these claims could be nothing more than some bloke’s opinion.

iPhone 5S 2

Three’s A Crowd

To carry on the one man speculative show, another analyst has proclaimed that we can expect to see no less than three (count them, THREE) new iDevices before the year is out. But before you strip naked and head to the streets in celebration, said chap also went on to state that these are likely to be subject to extensive delays. With the iPhone 5S widely expected to land at the start of the summer, new reports suggest a problem with production will not only put the buffers on it, but also the iPhone 6 and heavily rumoured “budget iPhone”. Should these rumblings prove to be true, it looks like we may be going a few more months than we anticipated without an iFix.

iPhone 5S 3

Cooking Up A Storm

As if things weren’t already a bit confusing, Apple big boss Tim Cook has thrown a spanner right in the works by announcing new products for later on this year. Not only that, but apparently these will be in “exciting new categories” and will land in the “autumn and early 2014”. Although Cookie was likely referring to stuff such as the rumoured iWatch and Apple TV, it also means that we can’t expect to see the iPhone 5S before the autumn. That said, he kept the lid firmly on additional details, so for the time being all we have are conflicting dates and some very sketchy specs.

So there you have it ladies and gents, that’s everything to do with the iPhone 5S so far condensed in to a nice, digestible package. Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest as usual, but be sure to keep checking back to this very post where we’ll keep you in the loop with everything iPhone 5S flavoured.