How To Use Smart Pause on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Smart Pause

Sometimes you haven’t got time to pause a video when you need to do something quickly, but with Smart Pause all you have to do is look away. By using eye recognition, the clever feature can tell when you’re not looking at the display and pause the video in the right place. To set and use Smart Pause:

  • Press the Power button and swipe the screen to unlock.
  • Tap Settings and then tap My Device.
  • Tap Smart Screen and tick the box next to Smart Pause.
  • Read the instructions and tap OK.
  • Press the Home button and tap Apps.
  • Tap Gallery and then Video.
  • Tap the Video you want to use and press Play.
  • Stare at screen until eye icon appears in the status bar.
  • Look away to pause.
  • To resume playback, look back at the screen.