Gingerbread Still The Most Used Android Operating System

Android Share

Jelly Bean user figures grow by 3% in one month

Google has released February’s platform distribution figures for the Android operating system, and the numbers show Gingerbread is still the most used software.

Although the percentage of Gingerbread users has dropped from 45.6% to 44.2%, it is still the clear winner ahead of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android user figures

In second place is Ice Cream Sandwich with a 28.6% share of the platform user base, and the newest iteration, Jelly Bean, follows with a 16.5% share.

When you take into account that Gingerbread is over two years old now, it  raises questions as  to why the newer iterations don’t have a larger share of users.

It seems that either the updates aren’t being made available to Android smartphones quickly enough, or people could be choosing not to update.

The future of Android

Although Jelly Bean has come in third place, the figures do show that the number of Jelly Bean users have risen by 3% from the previous month, which is a good sign.

It is unknown if Jelly Bean will manage to hit the same user figures as Gingerbread, even with the traction it is getting now.

The next Android iteration, Key Lime Pie, is also in the pipeline, and will more than likely throw a spanner in the works when it is released and affect these figures once more.

Interesting figures we think you’ll agree, and it could be a case of that  big chunk of people using Gingerbread thinking “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and are reluctant to change the operating system they are familiar with. Only time will tell.