Final Fantasy IV For Android Arrives

Final Fantasy IV

Popular RPG now available on iOS and Android devices

Gamers of the world rejoice – cult hit Final Fantasy IV has arrived on Google Play, meaning Android users can get a slice of the RPG action on their mobile devices for the first time.

First launched in 1991, the iconic title debuted on consoles including the Super Nintendo and later the Sony Playstation, and generated interest in the franchise that still exists today. Gamers take control of dark night Cecilas he tries to stop an evil sorcerer from destroying the world., which is a fairly serious task when you think about it.

Having been initially reborn on the Nintendo DS in 2008, an iOS version launched back in November to a positive reception. Since then pressure has grown for an Android version, with those wishes having been finally granted.

That said there are conditions – the game will only work on devices running Android Gingerbread or above, and it won’t be cheap at £10.99. Despite this, we fully expect it to be met with a raucous reception and widespread popularity. You’ve gotta love retro games, aye?