Diagon Alley Now Available On Google Street View

Diagon Alley

We’re not going to lie, this is ace

Everyone will agree that Google Street View is an awesome invention, allowing us all to zoom in on our houses and see the landmarks of the world without leaving our chairs. But, believe it or not, it’s managed to get even better by adding Diagon Alley of Harry Potter fame to its list.

Now, the astute amongst you may point out that Harry Potter isn’t real (killjoys), but the one in reference is actually the famous wizardy road from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, where devotees can walk around and pretend they’re part of the books/films in a magical explosion of joyous glory.

Warner Bros. have claimed the set, which includes Ollivander’s Wand Shop amongst the list of famous establishments, took over three months to build and an extra six months by the time all the products were finished as well.

So, why the heck are you still reading this article? Go check out Diagon Alley in all its glory right here.