Curious for iPhone: App Review

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No one sticks to New Year’s resolutions any more. They’re always full of good intent, but are usually discarded by the time the calendar flips to February. So, this year it may be an idea to make a sustainable change rather than a flimsy one.

And that’s where Curious comes in. Rather than tying the user to a concrete plan of regime and rules, it offers the chance to try a new thing every day. From learning Japanese to mastering yoga, it’s the perfect January companion.


What does it do?

Essentially, Curious is a forum for those on a quest for knowledge; experts post videos/instructions on specific topics and users simply download the app and bone up on whatever they desire.

Whether you want to start on the path to fitness or learn the secrets of space, all you have to do is point the app towards your face and, provided you stick at it, you’re guaranteed success. After all, knowledge is power and all that.

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What we liked

The scale of Curious is astonishing, and given the right level of motivation the possibilities really are endless. Subjects range from arts and crafts, religion and language through to sport and everything in between. Even niche subjects are catered for, and it’s all easy to watch and learn.

For example, In one half hour period we managed to watch videos on wine tasting and astronomy (we’re cultured, you see), and felt like we’d learnt a great deal. It’s therefore easy to imagine how much someone could accomplish on one subject over a longer period. Exciting stuff.

It looks a million dollars, too. Whilst some free apps don’t fuss with aesthetics, Curious offers slick menus and easy functionality throughout. There’s also a 3D swipe effect that will blow your mind.

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What could be better

It’s a little unkind, but Curious can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much going on that searching for a subject can turn into a daunting task, and you’ll panic and close the app. Luckily this can be solved by creating an account and saving your preferred subjects, so it’s certainly not a terminal problem. We’d also liked to have seen it on more platforms, but hopefully that’ll come.

Other than that though, there’s almost nothing to complain about. Providing you’ve a thirst for knowledge and internet access, the world is yours.


It’s hard to overstate the value of Curious. If you want to make the change you promised yourself this New Year, and stick with it, it provides the perfect environment for learning and bettering yourself. It looks great, it does you good and it won’t cost you a penny – download it.