Bring The Noise: HTC Début Beats Tech On New HTC Sensation

Sensation XE

Following HTC’s recent buy out of Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio tech firm and the Taiwanese manufacturer’s promise to revolutionise the quality of sound we get from mobile devices, the  industry has been awash with speculation over which bit of kit will be the first to rock the Hip-Hop-inspired audio smarts.

Well, for smartphone audiophiles everywhere, the wait is over as HTC have come out and foisted upon us the HTC Sensation XE, a jazzed up version of the ultra-popular HTC Sensation set to wow us with the aural treats contained within.

According to those that know (that’ll be HTC then – Ed), the HTC Sensation XE is pretty much the same as the original aesthetically aside from a couple of splashes of red here and there, but it’s the changes on the inside that really make the thing stand out.

The muscular 1.2GHz dual-core processor of the original has been beefed up to a hefty 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and battery life has been improved no end thanks to the inclusion of a 1730mAh battery. You also get a 16GB MicroSD card with it too, so you can keep all the tunes you’ll no doubt be listening to after being wowed by the BeatsAudio shizz that just makes everything sound, well, just better.

How So? Well, the Sensation XE comes with specially optimised Beats in-ear headphones which the device recognises when plugged in. Once you’ve done that, the blower automatically launches a dedicated Beats profile with levels set to reproduce studio-like quality for whatever tunage you’re listening to. It’s pretty much the same as having that little equaliser screen thing but without the hassle of having to set the levels yourself and with everything optimised to get the best out of the Beats.

Sounds good we know, but wait until you hear this – P4u have managed to get their hands on it before any other phone retailers out there, so you’ll be able to snap one up as early as 1 October on a variety of tariffs across a many networks. For more information, click here.

And while we’re at it, we might as well tell you about some of the other top bits of smartphone tech we’ve got in as well including the fantastical Mango-stuffed HTC Radar in P4u-exclusive white and the original HTC Sensation, also in a bright white hue. Oh yeah, we’ll also have a full review of the new Beats Audio sprinkled Sensation XE up by the end of the week, so check back then to find out more.