BlackBerry 10.2 To Bring Android Jelly Bean Apps

BlackBerry 10 Android Jelly Bean

Newer apps finally on the menu

BlackBerry users will soon have access to Android Jelly Bean apps after the company confirmed it will add the functionality to its next iteration of software.

Speaking via its developer blog, the Canadian firm announced that BlackBerry 10.2 will bring a host of new app content to the Android Runtime Plug-in already available to users, with the best of Jelly Bean the big selling point.

Widespread solution

Although users are already able to access Android content through the plug-in, they are currently limited to apps working on Gingerbread or earlier. As such, the step up in content will be vast and noticeable with even more top apps available.

Despite this being positive news for the fledgling platform and its users, many will claim it does not solve the lack of content that has become more apparent in recent months. With favourites like Instagram still missing, it’s hoped a more widespread solution will arrive soon.

The announcement comes in tandem with the software’s unveiling to developers, although a general roll-out isn’t expected until much later in the year. Despite this several features have already been confirmed, including multiple alarms and Unicode emojis.