The Aurora Headband: Wearable Tech to Control Your Dreams


Lucid dreaming could become a reality

Wearable technology is having a moment – from smartwatches that link up with our online lives, to clothing that can display our emotions. But what about our dreams?

New device, Aurora, is a headband which allows users to lucidly control their dreams by emitting a series of audio and visual cues that make them aware that they’re dreaming without actually waking them.

The innovative tech detects when wearers have entered REM sleep, which is when most of our dreams occur, by tracking our brain’s EEG signals and using an accelerometer to track head movements.


Created by iWinks, the device has already surpassed its $90,000 Kickstarter goal and is reportedly the first device to read EEG data. But what does it all mean?

Well, if you’ve ever dreamt you’re running away from something that you can’t escape, or found yourself in the middle of the office naked as the day you were born, lucid dreaming means you can control how these dreams pan out.

So, theoretically you could get away from the thing that’s chasing you, or discover a pile of clothes to cover your modesty (if you wanted to that is).

The two types of prompts which alert users that they’re dreaming are the visual pulsing LED lights in the headband, and a subtle audio cue triggered by the dreamers’ nearby smartphone.

iWinks co-founder and hardware engineer, Daniel Schoonover explains: “You’ll be in a dream, really unconscious to what’s going on around you, and all of a sudden, you’ll see the lights. You can do whatever you want right then.”

Aurora Model

Lucid dreams can improve waking life, as previous research has shown that those who regularly control their dreams experience fewer nightmares and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Visualising activities, such as giving presentations, during dreams can also enhance the performance of those activities in waking life.

Considering we spend more than one third of our lives asleep, the Aurora headband could signal the first step in helping us to make the most of that time.

Now, time for a Ryan Gosling-based dream…