App’raisal: NHS Quit Smoking


Continuing on with our New Year’s resolution-themed App’raisals for January, the next vice we’re attempting to tackle is smoking. All you nicotine-addled puffers out there might well be rolling your eyes, but you can’t deny that quitting comes with all manner of health benefits. If you do decide to jack in the cancer sticks, you’ll need all the support you can get, but thankfully, there’s an app that can help - NHS Quit Smoking application.

Designed to make the first month of binning the cigs run a little smoother, the NHS Quit Smoking app will send you a daily message of encouragement and support for the first 30 days you to help motivate you in your quest to unchain yourself from the confines of fag dependency.

As well as these little nuggets of advice, you’re also provided with a real-time counter displaying the minutes, hours and days that you’ve been smoke-free and keeping track of the money saved. Watching the pennies clock up should be motivation alone, regardless of the health benefits! (especially in January when everyone has been hit in the wallet over Xmas).

Other features include top tips and facts about the advantages of quitting, and links to real-life stories that could be that little bit of inspiration you need during a desperate moment when you really want to reach for a fag. There’s also an NHS Smoking Helpline button to call through and speak to someone when you need the encouragement of a real, live person. If you do have a flaky moment of weakness and succumb to your smokey desires, you can reset the counter and start again. Phones 4u believes in you…You just need to believe in yourself and get quitting!