iPhone 5S Parts Delivered Ahead Of Production?

Apple iPhone Parts

Reports suggest iPhone 5S production will begin in July

It looks like the latest Apple iPhone could actually be arriving early after parts were reportedly distributed to a series of manufacturers, according to Patently Apple.

Despite recent reports that the new handset will actually face substantial delays, the tech site reckons a “new Chinese report” is claiming production is imminent after a variety of parts started arriving at warehouses.

The Apple-centric site also believes production will get underway at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou and Shenzhen factories as early July, leading many to believe the Apple tradition of a September release for new hardware could still be on the cards.

Several variants

This news is just the latest in a long line of conflicting iPhone rumours, with speculation rife surrounding the number of variants and their potential release dates. Current reports suggest that three different versions could be on the way, although this has yet to be confirmed.

It seems fine details will be hard to pin on Camp Cupertino ahead of any launch, with speculation constantly shifting.  Just last week stories surfaced suggesting that a redesign to iOS 7 will delay any handset release, although that now conflicts with these latest rumours.

Having encountered some software issues after the iPhone 5 launch, Apple will want to get both its hardware and operating spot on before it takes the wraps off any new iPhone. Watch this space, and prepare yourself for plenty more rumours.