A Behind The Scenes Look At Google Street View

Google Street View

Company shows where it’s driving off to next

Google has released a behind the scenes look at its Google Street View feature, the popular first person perspective in its mapping service.

The blog details the concept, method and evolution behind the feature that first launched back in 2007. Having started as “a few cameras on the back on an SUV”, the service now has dedicated vehicles complete with 360-degree photography.

Get the best out of Street View

There’s also a detailed explanation of how said images are processed, as well as a tutorial on how to effectively use and get the best out of Street View.

Far more interesting, however, is the interactive Where Is Street View? map, which highlights all areas of the world images that are available. There’s also the chance to learn where the Google chaps are currently driving, and where next will be ticked off the list.

The mapping technology has branched out considerably in recent years with images of the world’s iconic landmarks now available. Earlier this year the summit of Everest was added to the list, and others are set to follow.

Oh, and let’s not forget Diagon Alley, that was pretty cool too.